Reading is a means for language communication, sharing information and ideas. It is a process that involves recognizing words, leading to the development of comprehension. According to research, reading is a process that negotiates the meaning between the text and its reader. The reading process involves three stages.

  • Pre-reading, which allows the reader to activate background knowledge, preview the text, and develop a purpose for reading. A strategy for students to utilize during this stage is to look at the title of the selection and list all the information that comes to mind about the title.

  • During reading, when the reader makes predictions as they read and then confirms or revises the predictions. For example, a double-entry journal enables the reader to write the text from the reading on one side and their personal reaction on the other side.

  • After reading and allows the reader to retell the story, discuss the elements of a story, answer questions, and/or compare it to another text. For example, students can create summaries, where they take a huge selection and reduce it to its main points for more concise understanding.